Contour Challenge

Written by Ashley P.. When I was first invited to participate in the Contour Challenge with the GreatShape Contour Kits, I was excited! However, I quickly found excuses to postpone it. I soon realized that I was hesitating because I was intimidated! When I think of Kontur, I think of the Kardashians, superbly talented YouTube makeup artists and a lot of time that I just don’t have in the morning. I started to worry that I had gotten over my head. With some coaching from my colleagues, I came up with the idea and tried it out.

Day 1 – The Contour Challenge begins!

On the first day everything felt new. My usual beauty routine consists of BeautyPrep Hyaluronic Serum for deep hydration, Dream Tint tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone, Circle\Delete Concealer for stubborn dark circles and a smudge PurePressed Blush and PureLash Mascara. I can be done in five minutes. With contouring came new products, new tools and (I was sure of that) a new extended morning routine. I got up extra early to tackle the challenge! To achieve a more complete coverage, I opted for our Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation and used my Circle\Delete Concealer to soften the sapphire circles under my eyes. I was … shy, and I think the photo shows my restraint! As a beginner, it was daunting to add so many new powders to my routine, especially the contour color. And with a round face, my fuller cheeks make my cheekbones look flat, so creating dimensions felt challenging. OK, so, I was not a natural talent. That’s OK! I had two more days to make my move.

Day 2 – A bronzed Bomb

On the second day, after being a little hesitant on the first day, I was a little clumsy. I learned very quickly that you can build up color, but it’s almost impossible to take it away without starting all over again! It’s true what they say – less is more! Although I had exaggerated the product, I felt more comfortable with the techniques and, frankly, with the concept of defining and improving my functions. I didn’t feel like I was trying to change my appearance. I felt that the tools allowed me to improve what was already there, and that really suited my personal style. I promised myself that I would take it easy on the last day. Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

Day 3 – Naturally contoured & self-confident

On the last day, I wasn’t sure if I had “mastered” contouring, but I had learned so much in a short time and gained a lot of self-confidence. Using the contour guide that came with my kit, I understood which areas I need to apply contours, blush and highlights to improve my unique face shape (in this post you will learn how to contour your face shape). I had a handle on how to use the tools and how the paint works (so much blush on the second day!). I also felt less pressure, because in truth it was much easier than I had thought. With newfound confidence, I gave myself permission to have fun on the third day, and I was very pleased with the results. I felt like myself, but with a push. My look had warmth, my facial features looked more defined and honestly I felt pretty beautiful.