Hacked Chicken Sesame Noodle Bowls

About five million moments over the course of January 2015. The only reason I was forced to do this was because it was time to move away from the Vietnamese chicken salad with rice noodles, having prepared it for every meal for the last 30 days, and this seemed like a logical next step, um, more noodles.

But these chopped chicken sesame noodle bowls are more than just delicious, fork-turning noodles. This recipe is all about the homemade sesame peanut sauce, which can be made super easy and with just your regular pantry ingredients. There is also a parade with colorful, shredded vegetables and a handful of chicken sauteed in sesame sauce.

You will throw all these beauties into the pan (hot or cold! what do you like?), throw a handful of coriander and paprika flakes and sesame seeds on it, because it looks fantastic and is fantastic, and boom.

You will have all eyes on your winning meal with creamy, delicious, filling and above all healthy sesame noodle bowls.

So Björk and I have some good news to share.

About dogs. Totally appropriate to share it now, yeah? I know. I’m just so fine.

After coming to terms with the fact that we may never get a dog because of Björk’s allergies to everything in the world, we found out a few days ago that Björk is actually not allergic to dogs. NOT ALLERGIC TO DOGS. And when I say that we found out, I really mean that he took the official medieval doctor’s office test, where they scratch you with little sticks and your skin turns all red and stained, so these results are real. I’ll show you a picture- oh, right. Okay, that’s cool.

After the allergy test, our first assignment was a shopping trip for dust and allergen and -everything-mattress and pillow protectors and other extremely protective allergy items that let me know for sure that I live in America. Like, wow. This is our normal life where we buy these things. Okay then.

But more importantly, after the results arrived, we started the conversation about finally getting a puppy. A real living ballhol, face licking, fur shedding, I-love-you puppy.

Maybe a pug, because we laughed at every single video on YouTube that appears under the “pug” search results, which is basically the same as owning one.

Or maybe a golden retriever, because I like the idea of me as a Golden retriever owner. For example, I would eat cereal every morning and then go for a long run with my Golden Retriever, and he probably wouldn’t even need a leash because he would be so cute and awesome.

But you won’t even believe this strange thing that happened in my brain when we found out that Björk is not allergic. It’s like you think you want something, and then you’re finally able to get it, and then you realize that maybe you don’t want it after all.



We are so free right now, and we travel a lot “to work”, and we like to stay out for a long time and not worry about getting home on time (for example, our wild after nights when we go to Redbox to watch a movie and pick up a pizza from Dad Murphy) – so all in all, there is a question about whether the puppy is worth the loss of freedom or not.

I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until we have children, when we already lose all our freedoms and then get a dog? PS. I hate myself right now.

And what about cleaning up dog hair? Cleaning – even just cleaning for people – is not one of our great skills. And now we would have dog hair all over my work clothes, also known as sweatpants. I just don’t know – these sweatpants are the ultimate. Priorities, you know?

Plus, is our house even big enough for a dog? It’s so tiny. Are there small dogs that behave really well and have normal hair (NOT HAIRLESS DOGS), that never fall off and that are still cute? ARE YOU TELLING ME ALL OF THEM?

I don’t know, it’s like I just need to eat an XL bowl of chopped chicken sesame noodles and get clarity right away.