Pot Lasagna Super Easy

It’s just way too obvious, but my love for it has gotten out of control.

The feelings I have for this super simple one—pot lasagna recipe – also known as pot o’ Saucy noodles with cheese—melted goodness – are SO VERY great. And I’m pretty sure I’m not even annoying about how much I love it right now. Me? Annoyed with a love of food? uhh hello? never.

Two bites into his huge bowl of lasagna leftovers (it’s a food blogger’s life for us), I think Björk almost died with old-school lasagna happiness. Look, honey! It has good, threadlike cheese lumps! It is not packed with obscure vegetables! THERE’S MEAT!

I mean, we (ehhmm, me) love Froofroo lasagna, but today is not the day for my next food blogger ingredients bomb lasagna with 800 kinds of roasted vegetables and five super expensive cheeses.

No, no, friends.

This is SUPER SIMPLE STEW LASAGNA. And that’s just all that goes with it.

How to Make our One Pot Lasagna:

The story starts with me thinking about good ideas for a recipe and getting excited for lasagna rolls // buying ingredients for lasagna rolls // feeling really super BLEH cooking pasta, making stuffing and rolling SAUCE TO PASTA while trying not to make an epic mess.

Sweet, but let me think for two seconds: No.

The lasagna story continues, and I feel much better when I drop my cheesy lasagna roll idea and just go straight to the merchandise by adding my previous lasagna roll ingredients (Bolognese! noodles! cheese!) put it in a big pot and bake everything bubbly and perfectly and eat huge messy pieces with a wooden spoon right out of the pot.

Except that I never did that.


The story ends with me realizing that I secretly love this kind of messy, sour lasagna // Secretly nervous about sharing the noodle cheese mess on the internet// but knowing that people love good food, and THAT’S GOOD FOOD, and so the world needs this lasagna mess to exist.

The story also includes a SnapChat recipe video and Sage’s approval.
Dog looks at food.

Moral of the story: Laziness is a virtue that leads to stew lasagna? Yes. That’s it totally.

Second moral of the story: if you love yourself and love good food, you should always have a few glasses of delallo Pomodoro Fresco tomato sauce on hand.

I recommend the delallo Pomodoro Fresco sauces in this recipe because a) the sauces taste really, really good, I don’t even really want to make my own sauce because they are so good, b) they are ready to use! no work! repeat: no work. and c) there are only 7 normal, simple ingredients in it, which is becoming more and more important to me these days.

This is the list of ingredients from the tomato basil sauce —

  • Italian plum tomatoes
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Crushed tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Carrot
  • Basil
  • Salt

Beautiful. Bonus: I don’t see any added sugar.

As a person who is trying to become more aware of what she is eating, avoiding the super processed stuff and also acknowledging that REAL LIFE is REAL, it is a must for me to have such a high-quality store-bought tomato sauce on hand.