Snoodles in Space Book Review

It’s magical! It’s brain surgery! It’s Snoodles in Space here to save the planet!

Saurer Croodleman was once a booming businessman in charge of providing the townspeople with fuel and energy in the form of sauerkraut.

But then came his brother-Herbie Snoodleman-The man in charge of changing the source to noodles. Now the sky is always sapphire, the air is always clean and people are always happy.

This clean fuel metaphor is strong, especially when it turns out that the planet is threatened by aliens determined to suck the planet’s energy resources. Who is it to save the day? The innovators at war themselves: Saurer Croodleman and Herbie Snoodleman. Together with their nephew and niece, they travel through space with a super-fast cucumber to save their relationship, their family and maybe even the planet.

Snoodles in Space gives young readers interested in science and Space a whole range of fodder for enjoyment, laughter and energy. The metaphor of clean energy excites me a lot at the prospect of talking to children about it. Not only can we talk about something deeply important — taking care of our planet- but you can also be giddy by the silly names and the crazy plot. It also gives me a lot of hope and happiness that Sour and Herbie are finding ways to solve their problems in order to take care of the planet and their family. This is a children’s story with a heart, a mind and an abundance of powerful noodles.

The book is quite long – about 60 pages – and there are also characters, so I would let this one go past your little ones and have fun with 4- to 7-year-olds instead. There are also a lot of words on each page that can spoil The art and lose some of your mood. Although I like a long children’s book, this one doesn’t always seem necessary.

The Snoodles in space will definitely reach your child’s silliness quota (for now). This is a big win in my book! Without fear of talking DooDoo in Space, these book pages are full of humor that children will love, and it is an important and tangible subject that matures will appreciate. It may be a little long, but it means that you and your boyfriend will have more time to get awkward and learn a thing or two along the way.