The Forever Young Delinquent Book Review

An exciting and fresh riddle in a cage with a secret

There are a number of stories that take place in cage. Each of them has different ways of painting the image of imcageed life; some are Graphic, some are sad, some are terrible, and many are shrouded in darkness.

The Eternal Young delinquent is the first Novel that takes place in a cage that I have read and does something very different, which is ultimately the strong point of the book. The cage is presented here as a place of life, friendship, secrets and adventures. In addition to the inevitable representation of the sadness and horror of being locked up, it takes the otherwise hopeless environment and breathes life into it, and the result is something unique and fascinating.

The story follows Tommy McConnell, an imcageed and then unsheltered teenager after a difficult life with abusive foster parents, a writer with an affinity for cruel stories and an avid reader and fan of Sherlock Holmes.

Tommy hears rumors and stories about a secret man named Henry Heck. Legends say that he has been imcageed since the First World War for crimes that no one knows about, and the awesome thing is that he has not aged a day. He still looks like his 1910s Mugshot. This secret fascinates Tommy and he goes in search of Henry Heck while interrogating the inmates and the officers, going through the files and getting into trouble for going to solitary confinement.

The cage of The Forever Young delinquent is almost as adorable as Hogwarts. That’s really what makes this book so special; it takes an attitude usually associated with a negative life and fills it to the brim with secret, character and, oddly enough, charm. His cells and corridors hold secrets waiting to be explored as Tommy continues his journey to find the delinquent who is not aging. This enchanting charm is often interrupted by what I would call flashes of reality that remind you that this is a cage, after all; powered, nasty and destructive. This contrast creates a beautiful mix of thrills and discomfort as the Novel continually alternates between the two extremes.

A story full of secrets, Magic and mysteries, the Forever Young delinquent turns out to be an extremely entertaining read. I would like to recommend it to secret lovers looking for a fresh and fulfilling environment.