The Greatest Deception in Human History Book Review

A bold book on spirituality that asks the hard questions

What if everything you knew about Religion, history and government was a lie? The author Moriah Morningstar breaks the silence about what they thought they knew in the greatest deception: in the history of mankind.

Similar to Behold a Pale Horse, this book challenges authority and highlights topics that mainstream society generally rejects. Morningstar discusses UFOs, the global elite, Christianity and more. She also adopts a courageous attitude towards Christ. According to Morningstar, there is a difference between Jesus and Jehovah, and one of them is a demon.

The greatest deception presents the world as a spiritual actionfield. There is an ancient evil force that is trying to take over humanity and use it as an energy resource. We must cast out demons, reclaim our sovereignty and help each other in life. The global elite, the top 1% that controls the other 99%, is not on our side. However, there is hope. Morningstar suggests that one of the first things we can do is stop watching TV to heal and wake up.

Some parts of this book may be full of sadness and sadness, but there is also hope. Morningstar wants people to unite to action for a greater cause. The world would be a better place if people worked together and fought hard for their medical, religious and cultural freedoms.

Another topic discussed by Morningstar is the power of imagination. It’s so underrated these days. There was a time when we used it thoroughly when we were children, but we were told to throw it away as we got older. Fantasy is much more than unicorns and winged imaginary friends. We can use imagination to empower ourselves and reclaim our lives. The trick is to keep it alive as we grow. Morningstar states that imagination can be erased in public schools.

What happens when the children leave kindergarten? Your mind might be limited. Young students are not always allowed to ask questions to expand their imagination, but only what they are supposed to learn. Morningstar really hits the nail on the head with this theme. Some matures become envelopes of their once creative selves. Maybe it’s time to nurture the inner child in you.

The greatest illusion: in the history of mankind is one of those books for which you need to prepare your mind. He takes a position on everything that readers believed, questions what is true in our reality and presents interesting matters that have remained intact. Morningstar’s book is recommended for people who question authority and want to delve into new ways of thinking. After reading the greatest deception, readers will think about the ultimate truth of this world.